Press Release – New CBD confectionery launching in the UK

A new range of minty fresh CBD confectionery is launching in the UK.

The Sweet Botanist range of gum and hard boiled sweets have been developed over the last 2 years by experts at World of Sweets  who have been creating confectionery for over 125 years.

The range contains cannabidiol (CBD) compounds, a naturally occurring substance extracted from hemp plants which has been sourced from their trusted partners who ensure the process to extract the CBD adheres to all legal requirements and can be traced back to the field it was grown in.

The Sweet Botanist range includes two products, hard boiled sweets and gum, in two different flavours, Mindful Mint and Mellow Mint. Mellow Mint is peppermint flavoured and Mindful Mint spearmint.

Each pack of gum, weighing 21g, contains 45mg of CBD oil with the 30g bags of hard boiled sweets containing 30mg of CBD oil. Recommended retail price for the gum is £3.99 and for the hard boiled sweets, £3.50.

The gum and spearmint sweets both comply with novel food regulations.

The CBD oil works through the endocannabinoid system, a network of receptors in the human body that translates signals from cannabinoids.

It is believed that by balancing the endocannabinoid system, it may help consumers with their overall well-being.

CBD is gaining attention and legitimacy as a nutritional, natural supplement and has hugely risen in popularity for a range of people.

According to an independent survey, conducted by YouGov and Dynata, around 10% of adults in the UK have consumed a CBD-based product in the last year. That’s around four to six million people.

Alongside benefitting overall health, CBD users noted their other reasons to consume the natural supplement. Reasons included improving sleep, managing pain, and easing anxiety.

It’s thought that by 2025 the CBD industry will have grown to £1 billion.

Helen Bradshaw, the Director of Sales and Marketing at The Sweet Botanist said: “Many people use CBD extracts through a range of products to manage their health and well-being naturally, safely and discreetly.

“CBD is now available in many formats and we are really excited to launch our spearmint hard boiled sweets and peppermint chewing gum, which are guaranteed to deliver the CBD benefits, whilst tasting fantastic.

“The gum and boiled sweets have been in development for two years. Our in-house experts, alongside an independent team, have thoroughly tested throughout the production process to ensure the correct and consistent amount of CBD is each pack.

“These are ideal for those who need a bit of zing to attack the morning after a restful night’s sleep and perfect for those who need that little bit of calm in their otherwise hectic life towards the end of the day. They offer the best of both worlds and taste great too.”

The Sweet Botanist is the latest addition to World of Sweets brand portfolio.  World of Sweets are the largest distributor, importer and wholesaler of confectionery products in the UK. Consisting of Hancocks Wholesale, Bonds of London Field Sales and World of Sweets National Accounts Sales Team.

Since its launch in 1895, the company has grown to become a £200 million business and are exclusive distributors of over twenty global confectionery brands with award-winning product launches under their own brands

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